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Olivier Salad

Boiled potatoes – 400 g
Boiled carrots- 150 g
Boiled eggs – 6
Pickled cucumbers – 300 g
Cooked sausage – 300 g
Mayonnaise – 300 ml
Canned green peas – 1 bank
Green onions – one beam – 36 g
Salt (optional)
Ground pepper (optional)

1. Cut all ingredients into cubes.
2. Mix and toss as a salad and stir.

Cooking time:
10 minutes


This is one of the easiest recipes I have ever made! Salads are so quick to make and crunchy to eat. I love eating all kinds of vegetables mixed together! I always try to add more vegetables in a salad to make it healthier. I try to eat a salad everyday because mom also wants me to. A lot of my friends don’t eat salads but when I make them, they always eat!

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