Couscous with Chicken and Cauliflower


Couscous 200 g
Cauliflower 300 g
Oil 2 tbsp
Chicken (fillet) 300 g
Smoked pork fillet 50 g
Smoked paprika
Salt and pepper
Bunch of fresh parsley


1. Boil water and add 0.5 tsp salt.
2. Stir, cover with a lid and leave for 5 minutes.
3. Finely shred cauliflower and pork breast and cook on strong fire with vegetable oil.
4. Stir for 3 minutes.
5. Add water and cook for 6 minutes.
6. Add the couscous cooled into the pan and stir again.
7. Add parsley.

Couscous is a very yummy sauce! I want to eat it everyday. You can also make couscous easily now by following my recipe. It is quick to make and can be served with chicken of your choice.

I try to make couscous a lot of times because I really like it. Even mom likes it very much and we eat chicken and meat with it. We have not tried making couscous with other dishes but I want to make new dishes with it.

Couscous makes the dish very special.

I also plan to make couscous on this weekend. It is just so easy to make and serve. It can be served without any meat as well.

When the dish is ready, it looks like this! I want the couscous to be poured all over the chicken to give it maximum flavor.

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