Chicken Salads

Chicken Salad with Beans and Apples


1. 2 boiled chicken fillet
2. 3 boiled eggs
3. 1 bank of beans (420 g)
4. 2 sour-sweet apple
5. Pepper to taste


1. Take chicken filet and eggs and cut into cubes.
2. Add beans in the mixture.
3. Peel and grate apples.
4. Add to the salad.
5. Add cream along with salt and pepper for seasoning.

I make salads with mom all the time. We make all kinds of salads with different dressings. This salad has no dressing because we thought this flavor was enough! The apples we used were so juicy, I still remember their taste! This is why I wanted to use only salt and pepper for seasoning, nothing else.

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