Cake with Dried Apricots with Cream Filling


200 g flour
100 g butter

100g walnuts
250g apricots
350g cream
70g sugar
8 c vanilla sugar


1. Knead the dough with salt, water, flour and butter.
2. Mix in cream, sugar and vanilla sugar.
3. Bake for 25 minutes at 180 degrees.
4. For sauce, mix cream, sugar, vanilla sugar and dried apricots and formulate a homogenous mixture.
5. Whisk and add walnuts.
6. Pour inside the dough or over it and bake for 25 minutes under 180 C.

I always use apricots that are dried at home. I just want to make sure the apricots are kept clean. When I remove the seeds, I make sure they stay juicy. Afterwards, we fry them and use them in this dish.

My favorite part of the dish is making the dough! I enjoy making the dough so much. The flour and kneading is very special to me. I feel I am making everything with a lot of love and care. Kneading the dough and preparing it is the best process. I get to eat the kneaded dough as well!

I always try the dough before using it anywhere else. I want to make sure everything I make, is yummy for everyone.

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